"The local hip-hop/pop/rock favorites continue to expand their musical vision while maintaining a positive and uplifting lyrical approach. Frontmen Dan Lisbe, Josh Higgins, and Colin Smith take turns on the vocals, while the rhythm section of bassist Michael Wu and drummers Joel Blizzard and Lars Burggren keep the grooves going."

-Jim Catalano, Ithaca Journal, January 3, 2017. "Return of the Jimmies: Top 16 local CDs of 2016"


“At the other end of the evening on Thursday was the amazing love-fest that is this band. The relationship between these guys and their fans is about as honest and true as it gets, and their shows reflect that over and over.

Their sets at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance the past few years have been exceptional, with huge crowds and electric performances - but this one was extra-special, because it marked the official drop party for the eagerly awaited studio album, "Bombs Away".
-Johnathan Hochberg, Finger Lakes Music Press, July 26, 2016


“It’s no surprise that The Gunpoets have a sold-out show tonight, but this time it’s not at one of their usual venues. They’re hitting the stage at the Hangar Theatre to record their first-ever live album. The Gunpoets already have three albums, but none of them compares to seeing their electric live performances. The band doesn’t just have energy, they energize the audience. Their music fearlessly crosses genres, from hip-hop to funk and rock and back again, and they have a live sound that Ithacans can’t get enough of. And now we will finally be able to listen to it on demand.”

-Karla Lopez, 14850 Magazine, April 4, 2014


“Over the past few years, the Gunpoets have worked their way to the upper ranks of the Ithaca music scene. Their two studio albums, 2010’s “Shoot The Stars” and 2012’s “Come With Us,” each earned my best local album “Jimmie” award of those two years. And their high-energy shows have consistently drawn large crowds, both outdoors (at Ithaca Festival and GrassRoots) and indoors (their last Haunt show sold out).”

-Jim Catalano, Ithaca Journal, April 4, 2014


“In a New York town known mostly for its collection of colleges and canyons, there is a rapidly rising band that's changing the musical landscape on its way up. Ithaca's The Gunpoets is a seven-piece hip-hop set that is redefining the underground rap sound. The group mixes elements of pop, rock, funk, and soul, with the intelligent lyricism reminiscent of hip-hop's golden age.”

-David Yockel, Jr., Rochester City Newspaper, June 26, 2013


“The Gunpoets’ live performance is where the group really shines. Their studio work is great, but it’s the intensity of their live show that sheds inhibitions, moves masses, and connects fans to musicians on an equal plane.”

-Ty Whitbeck, Assistant Editor, Triple Cities Carousel. Nov 2013


Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance (June 2012)

Hip-hop is, at its very finest, a powerful vehicle with which to express pain through poetry, to provide social commentary and inspirational messages to a downtrodden populace. The Gunpoets are indeed hip-hop at its finest, and their biting lyrics and stirring messages of truth and justice, alongside some well-timed secular rhymes, will move you, in all ways possible.

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